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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Marvelous Maldives

I. Love. The. Maldives. I love travel, love vacations and love beaches... but I REALLY love the Maldives.  It is a simple as that. 
When we arrived at the airport, we were greeted by a porter who brought us to the boat.  Our resort is on a private island about 15 minutes from the airport.  After flying from London to Dubai and Dubai to Maldives, hopping onto a boat for a little ride was so much easier to handle than being crammed into a car.  As our boat approached the dock, the front desk staff was standing on the dock waving to greet us.  It might be a bit cheesy, but it was a nice first impression.
From our boat- pulling into the resort

We were given this amazing room on the beach and were very lucky to be on the quiet side of the island.  Some days we had the beach entirely to ourselves.  At most we shared with 5 or 6 people!
View from our room

Our anniversary was on March 28- three years and counting!  We decided to relax during the day and take a sunset dolphin cruise before dinner.  We were on a traditional Maldivian boat and saw a load of dolphin.  Unfortunately I didn't bring my good camera, so the dolphin pictures are lacking.

That is a dolphin, I promise!

All of the restaurants were great (no, I didn't gain weight), but we wanted something special for our anniversary.  We arranged for private dining on the beach with a five-course menu.  I ate so little of what we ordered but loved every single bite!

In addition to two desserts, the restaurant made this cake for us. 
After we cut it, they sent it to our room along with a bottle of bubbly!
What amazing staff to do this for us!
Evening shark feeding

Kenny and I were talking about my weight loss over drinks one evening, and he said some of the nicest things I have ever heard come out of his mouth.  He said that if I want to lose more weight, he completely supports me as long as I do it for myself and don't hurt myself in the process.  But he stressed that I should NOT do it for him.  He said that he is more attracted to me now than he has ever been and doesn't think I need to lose more.  How sweet!  We all know that I had a bit of an issue last month with working out too much and not getting my period, and he doesn't want that to happen again (nor do I).  On that note, I got my period over vacation.  While this would normally be exceedingly annoying, we were both very happy.  My body sorted itself out without the need for taking the 10-day regimen of pills prescribed by my OBGYN.  When I start working out again next month, I will be much more balanced in my approach. 

In lieu of my progress picture in gym clothes
Getting ready to leave:(
Parking lot-- Maldives style
Now I am packing for our golf weekend in Portugal.  I have more to report about our vacation and my trip home, but it will have to wait until next week. 

Happy Easter! 


Vanessa said...

Nora, you look fantastic! I have moved Maldives to the top of my Bucket List - thanks!!!

vickyd said...

Beautiful pictures...what a wonderful place to spend your anniversary!

Rachel said...

You look amazing, Nora!! And you look so happy! Love your man, he is such a sweetie. Glad you had a fab time!! xxxx

MandaPanda said...

You look so beautiful!! And so does your vacation spot...When I finally hit up Europe (it IS in Europe, yes? I'm terrible with geography - typical American that way. LOL), I'll have to check this place out. So romantic!

Lap Band Gal said...

Happy Anniversary...Looks like an AMAZING trip!

PS: Look at those lovely collar bones sticking out :)

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, that place looks amazing and so do you! I am going to have to visit there someday! Glad you had a good time and that was so sweet what Kenny said!

Darlin1 said...

The Maldives are at the top of my bucket beautiful beaches!

You look the way! Thanks for sharing your pic's.

speck said...

Gosh, where do I start! The royal blue bathing suit looks great on you!

The pictures are wonderful. The bed make me say ahhhh.

I swear if I had been in the water with the "dolphin" I would have been beating the crap out of it thinking it was a shark! rofl

Happy Anniverary!

Catherine55 said...

You look wonderful -- and that trip sounded absolutely amazing!! Another thing we have in common... our love of the luxury beach vacation! That resort really looked to-die-for-incredible!! :)

How nice about Kenny's comments, too. It's so great how positive and supportive he is. And, congrats on TOM coming naturally.. whew! :)

Beth Ann said...

A. The Maldives is now on my list. B. The part about Kenny's comments brought tears to my eyes. C. You look just beautiful!