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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Purpose Of The Band

It is interesting to read your blogs and see the different expectations we have of the band... and, consequently, the different ways we utilize this little device.  For me, the purpose of my band is to keep me full for a longer period of time.  Yes, I eat less than I did a year ago, but I am certainly eating more than 3 oz of protein per meal.  I haven't overly relied on the band to make me eat less.  I am able to eat large quantities if I choose but make my willpower kick in and stop me from overdoing it (most of the time).  Because I know I won't be hungry in an hour or two, eating less is mentally easier to handle. 
I read that many bandsters use the band to regulate what and how much they eat much more than I do.  Some can't eat or drink until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, some can only eat a few tbsp at a time and seem to just puke all the time.  Others feel that the band is not 'working' if they are able to eat a piece of pie or other junky items (Chinese, pizza, hoagies, etc).  Some of us like the feeling of being tight and go for a fill when this feeling subsides, while others find that this tight feeling is problematic.  From what I observe, those who want the band to be instrumental in regulating what they eat and how much they eat-- in addition to keeping them full for at least 4 hours-- are the ones who really desire the feeling of being tight.  I have never really felt tight, and I am happy with that. 
The one category of person I did not address is she who overtly circumvents and challenges the band at every possible instance, the person who thinks, 'let me buy those two foot-long hot dogs and cheese fries and see if I can get all of it in AND THEN wash it down with a milkshake'.  We have all learned that we need to work with the band and be reasonable, and eating huge quantities of junk is by no means reasonable.    
So I guess my question is this:  What did you expect from the band prior to surgery, and what do you expect now that you deal with the band on a daily basis?  Do you find that your expectations were reasonable from the start, or have you modified them along the way as you have experienced life with the band?
NB- thanks to Jacquie for giving me info on a website to create side by side photos.  This makes a true comparison SO much easier.  


MandaPanda said...

Yay for side by side photos! I did think the band would help me eat a lot less before I got banded. My expectations changed however. If I eat slowly enough, I can eat anything. And I like it that way. I eat way more than 3 bites of anything but it keeps me satisfied for hours so I'm OK with it.

Melissa Wolf said...

I love the comparison photos Nora! You can definitely see your progress!! WAY TO GO, GIRL!!! And thanks for this thoughtful post about different styles of banded-ness and attitudes about tightness and food. Different expectations and comfort zones. I've been pondering this a lot too, in this "waiting for a surgery date" place I'm in. My goal is to have just a bit (not much!) more restriction with the band in than without it. I don't think I need much...just some heightened awareness to be careful with food. I hope I'll feel an added determination NOT TO FAIL and not to stop until I get there. And I hope it'll be a great "fallback" to know I can go tighter if I feel I'm overeating on a regular basis. I def. don't want to have trouble swallowing liquids or be throwing up like a bulimic...that whole scenario really scares me. I don't even like the word "PB" because it seems to make vomiting out to be acceptable and almost cute. ?? Anyway, you're a great role model for me. Rock on mama!

Amanda said...

Everything looks skinny-er but look at your legs!! Beautiful!

The reason I chose the band was to be able to eat everything I wanted to to limit me as far as portion control. I always had a problem with saying no. Although I do still try everything there are just things that just don't work for me at the moment. Might be a little too tight but I more then that I think I am just sick.

I will always have a love for food. Good food. Not just junk. I never want that to go away!

Cat said...

Pre-op I figured the band would help control how much I could eat at a sitting. One slice of pizza rather than 4 at a sitting.

Now, yes, the band does control my portions to a degree, but I do the measuring and know how much I'm eating. I believe getting the band made me more aware of what I'm putting in my body.

Robyn's Nest said...

I thought it would keep me from eating. However, I have kept mine loose (3 cc in a 10 cc band so far) so I am in control. It still helps keep me feel full but I can eat virtually anything. I moderate myself. I am still losing so it is working right now.