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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Shopping

I flew back to NJ on Sunday afternoon so that I would be able to spend Labor Day on the beach with mom.  Given the el stinko weather on Monday, we wound up leaving the club after 3 or so hours.  I was still happy that we were able to beach for a bit (yes, in my world BEACH is a verb as well as a noun). 
On the way home from the airport, mom dropped me at the Off 5th (Saks Fifth Avenue) outlet.  I was in desperate need of sweaters and figured that I could take advantage of the Labor Day sales.  I was not the only one who had this idea... the outlet was completely crowded.  Mom couldn't have found a parking spot if she had tried and just drove around until I emerged- bags in hand.  I bought six cashmere sweaters, so I am a happy camper.
The outlet center is not in one of the better parts of the state (shocker) and draws a very interesting crowd.  When I got in the car after shopping, mom told me about what she had been witnessing outside.  Apparently drivers were fighting about parking spaces, and mom spent the time trying to figure out how to stay out of the line of gunfire were the fighting to escalate any further.  Then I proceeded to tell her about a fight that I saw inside.  A customer was unhappy with something that had been shipped to his home and was being hostile towards the check out guy.  The check out guy kept saying that he does not respond to threats and that threats will not get the customer anywhere (hello, police???).  I am checking out next to Mr. Hostility and spent my time trying to figure out how I would take cover when/if Mr. Hostility opened fire.  The only thing near me was a rack of clothing, and I was pretty sure it would do nothing to stop the bullets from getting me.  So at about the same time, mom and I were each trying to figure out how to escape gunfire.  Shopping online is so much safer!    
Even though I gave away much of my clothing as I gained more and more weight, I still have a lot to choose from at mom's.  I've been weeding through my closet and have found several items that fit.  I will need to lose another 20-30lbs to fit into the bulk of it, but I am making progress.  Two of my old winter coats fit.  One is casual and great for wearing on a daily basis.  The other is my floor length fur-trimmed coat, and I am just ecstatic that I will be able to wear it this winter. 

    When not risking my life for cashmere, I shop in my closet. 
About 80% of this clothing is still too small!
I am heading into the city this evening and will be there until next Friday.  My schedule is crazy with lunches and dinners with friends, the theatre with mom and a date night with Kenny.  I am bringing my gym clothes and will have to commit to working out at least 3 times.  I know I should be working out more than that, but I am more likely to meet a reasonable goal than something completely wacky. 
Happy Thursday!


Cece said...

Welcome back to the US, Nora ! Honestly, people do scare me when I see that type of anger escalation ... wow, you sure have a lot of clothes ! :)

Ronnie said...

You're a brave woman, risking your life for cashmere. Not that I blame you! :)

MandaPanda said...

That's a huge closet! It'll all fit soon!

Jacquie said...

Enjoy your visit with your mama!

Christine said...

Ha ha ha! The only time I ever attempted to shop in New Jersey...we were in search of an Ikea there and ended up in Elizabeth. Gangs everywhere, approaching our cars at red lights. We were blowing red lights and driving a little crazily to get the hell out of there. Yeah, New Jersey has some really scary spots. Oy! Glad you survived though!