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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spread The Word Around... Guess Who's Back In Town?

The girls are back in town
The girls are back in town
I said
The girls are back in town
The girls are back in town
I was very lucky to never had FBS (Fat Boob Syndrome)- even at my heaviest.  I might have been a 44C, but at least it was a C and not a DD!  Over the past few months I have really feared that The Girls were going into hiding as I continued to drop pounds.  Not good news!  Luckily I have remedied this situation with a new collection of push-up bras.  How did I get through my 20s without these things?  They are nothing short of FANTASTIC!  I guess pushing up 44Cs wouldn't have been a brilliant move, but my much more modest 38Cs are very happy that they are getting the love and support that they deserve.      


Melissa Wolf said...

You made me laugh at my desk (and at 7 a.m. that's not an easy feat!) --I'm glad you found a way to support "the girls" in style :-)

trisha said...

YAY good boobies!!

Beth Ann said...

Where did you get them? I have a terrible time finding good bras.