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Friday, May 27, 2011

Awww, hello all!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has stopped by, decided to follow me, post comments, etc.  I plan to respond as much as I can, but I am leaving for Budapest in an hour and still haven't packed.  Still, I wanted to say a quick hello!  Second, Catherine, as you already know, you ROCK!  I would still be writing (only) for myself if you hadn't linked to me.  Muchas Gracias
Yesterday was a very English day.  I went here with a girlfriend of mine:
This show takes place very close to my home, and I figured it was something I should see.  It was AMAZING.  In addition to designed outdoor gardens (one looked like Monaco, another was quite Asian), there is a huge tented area with vendors showing their prized roses, daffodils, etc.  It was such a sight.  The only downfall was that it rained.  After six weeks of dry sunny weather, the heavens decided it was time to punish us and remind us that we do live in London after all.  This was not just rain, it was a deluge, and it seemed to go on forever.  No worries though, it have us more time to look at the beautiful flowers in the tent.

This was so strange that I just had to share...
I am doing much more walking around town, but the Underground is still a necessity for me.  I took it twice yesterday, and something wonderful happened... (drumroll, please)... people sat next to me!  I typically only sit in an end seat so that I can lean towards the glass partition, but none was available.  So I sat in a middle seat, and I fit in it quite comfortably.  Even better, people willingly sat next to me.  I'm used to people seeing an empty seat, getting their hopes up and smiling, then bam, seeing me next to the open seat and deciding that balancing on 6 inch heels is safer than an encounter with me.  Not any more... very exciting! 
In weight news, I have lost 1.4 of the dreaded 3.4 overnight weight gain.  I doubt I will shed more over this weekend, but I will be back with a vengeance come Tuesday. 
Enjoy the long weekend! 


MandaPanda said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! I think I'd prefer people not sitting next to me on public transportation but maybe that's just an American thing. LOL

Nora said...

Yeah, the reality of someone sitting next to me was a lot different than the idea of it. I'm gratified that people are now willing to do so, but the thrill is already gone. I like my ME space after all:)