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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Barcelona, Baby!!!

Well, we are almost half way through January and I have yet to blog about our long weekend in Barcelona.  I am finding it very hard to blog recently and have just been avoiding it.  Blogging is like the gym- once I get into it I am golden, but it is hard to pick it back up after a hiatus.  Luckily my 2012 gymming is going MUCH better than my blogging.  I promise, I will get better.  Now onto our little New Year's celebration. 
Kenny and I returned to London from Christmas in the States early on the morning of December 29.  Within 25 hours we were back at the airport and had boarded our flight to Barcelona.  Not like I am complaining, the travel is phenomenal, but... we were a bit tired when we got to London and almost let out a groan that we had to unpack, repack and return to the airport in under one day.  We are lucky that we have learned to minimize the effects of jet lag or we would have been miserable.

Our hotel was right on La Rambla (Las Ramblas), the main pedestrian street/walkway in Barcelona.  It is lined with kiosks selling all sorts of knickknacks and is a tourist magnet.  It is also in the heart of the city, which meant that we were able to walk just about everywhere we wanted to see.
We hadn't been to Barcelona since our first visit in 2006 and were a bit worried that we would wind up repeating many of the main attractions and be bored.  We could not have been more wrong!  The city is gigantic, and there was SO much to see.  We could easily go back for yet another weekend without ever revisiting what we have already seen.
Barcelona has become one of the culinary centers of Spain, so we did our best to successfully eat and drink our way through the weekend.  Between this and hopping around Barcelona to see much of the amazingly creative acthitectural designs of Antoni Gaudi, we were busy bees.
A local bar we visited for a glass of cava and cured meats
Touring a UNESCO Heritage Site- not quite sure a hard hat works for Kenny...
Not really my look either
La Sagrada Familia- one of Gaudi's most famous buildings
La Padrera- by Gaudi as well
Top of La Padrera

 Dancing (Magic) Fountain
One of the highlights of our trip was booking a wonderful 10-course New Year's Eve dinner at G.e.l.o.n.c.h.  It is no secret that Kenny and I are foodies and thoroughly enjoy our meals out.  We critique the food, compare courses, discuss how our wine pairs with the food, and on and on.  We also get to chat.  Kenny has an obnoxious work schedule, and these meals are one of our only times to sit and relax together.  The restaurant I chose was heaven for foodies, and it was funny to see how many diners were taking pictures of the courses as they were presented.  I was prime among the photo-obsessed just so I could share each and every course with you.  So here we go... 
 Oyster with grapefruit gin, tonic and mint
 Micuit of marinated vegetables in escabeche
Creamy potato, egg sous vide and sea urchin cappuccino
Escudella broth with spider crab ravioli and Iberian ham d.o. Extremadura
Red prawn with pisco, baked in garlic sauce, with chard and hibiscus
Red mullet with squash gnocchi, baby carrots and veal sweetbreads
Suckling pig (24 hour sous vide), sunchoke sauce and cashew viniagrette
Assorted cheese with honey-banana cream, caramelized endive and baked eggplant sorbet
 Black truffle and white chocolate ganache, macha tea spongecake and cocoa snow
Olive oil cake, apple sorbet, coconut foam, mint granita, and black olive
Of course Kenny took this picture... please enjoy the view of my girls!

All I can say is WOW.  We were seated at 9 and didn't leave the restaurant until after 2!  Each course was amazing, and the evening was perfect.  Our table was opposite the kitchen, so we were able to salivate over everything coming out of the very little window.  Every time the chef opened the window to peer out into the dining room, I was right there.  Thankfully I liked the food.  It would have been quite embarrassing for both of us had he looked out in time to see me gagging!    
New Year's Day and the following day were very relaxing.  We walked around, queued outside of La Sagrada Familia and basically relaxed.  And of course, we sampled some more food and wine whenever possible.  We finally made it back to London on the evening of January 2nd.  After eating only 4 home-cooked meals between our late-November trip to Marrakesh and our January 2012 return to London, all we wanted was fish and vegetables.  Eating at home has never felt so good:)


Liz said...

Great pictures! Your face looks so skinny! I loved Barcelona too.

Vanessa said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! I'm super jealous of the food! Thanks for the photos!

Bandita Senorita said...

What amazing architecture...and food too! It looks like you had such a great time!

So you'll have to share your tips for minimizing jetlag! I would love to know what has worked for you guys.

Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

I love Barcalona. You're right about how much there is to see. Food looks amazing too.

Rachel said...

I have been to Barcelona three times over the past five years and continue to discover new things every time I go!! Sounds like dinner was a blast!! xxx

Lap Band Gal said...

Looks like fun!

Sam said...

You certainly are a traveling bandit :o) looks like you had an amazing time!!!

speck said...

Love the pictures...thanks for sharing food porn. lol And great clevage! lol

MandaPanda said...

Thank you for sharing all the pictures...looks like a fabulous trip! You're braver than I am with the food though...some of it sounds/looks scary!

Ronnie said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! :) I'm thoroughly jealous of all the 10 course meal, it all looks phenomenal.

vickyd said...

Sounds like an amazing trip and an amazing dinner! Thanks for sharing all of the look incredible!!!

Andrea said...

How fun! I loved Barcelona! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!