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Friday, January 20, 2012

My New Love

I have a new love, a love named Body Pump. While I was very committed to the gym in 2011, I mostly avoided classes. I did take 2 yoga classes. I promised myself I would take 5 before deciding that it was/was not for me, but after two classes hearing about my Third Eye, I was 100% over yoga. My new gym has TONS of classes, and I figured it was finally time to try one or two out. Aqua Tone is OK, but I feel that it is too easy. It might be fine for days when I need to recuperate, but it isn't enough for me.
This Monday I tried Body Pump, figuring that I really need to tone this year. So I walked into the studio, and everyone was grabbing weights, steps, pads, and so on and so on. I enlisted the aid of a very fit and pleasant American woman to help me get sorted, and off I went. The trainer came in and asked if any of us were new to Body Pump. I raised my hand, and she was like "Never, this is really your first class-- EVER?". Great start to the class. Just in case answering that I was new to BP wasn't enough, I had to again clarify that this was in fact my first class. Then she looked over, and I think she figured out that I still weighed about 50lbs more than the other class participants. For the rest of the class she referred to me as New Lady, as in "New Lady, you doing OK" and "New Lady, you hanging in there". Even the American commented that the trainer really didn't have to single me out quite so much (or could have at least called me by name)! Even with the odd trainer, I really enjoyed the class. My heart rate was elevated, I worked out my upper and lower body and really liked the vibe. The American mentioned that she does Body Pump three times a week, and I thought that sounded like a great move. I have now done body pump three days this week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am sometimes slower than the others in the class and might only get in 5-6 reps when the others get in 8, but I am doing it! Tuesday and Thursday were cardio only days, and I did (wait for it) 2 hrs per day. I know working out for 2 hours a day isn't sustainable, but it is a good way to get my butt in gear for 2012. Plus, I refuse to give up my nightly vino, so spending more time at the gym is the price I must pay for said indulgence.
Some of you asked that I post pictures of the shoes I bought last week, so here you go...
 Nora needs a pedicure:(
My Blackberry takes really bad pictures, so here is the picture from the website (with much better angles).  I bought these shoes in red as well as in blue. The red pair is still hidden in the closet, as I haven't quite told Kenny about them yet.  They are pretty big and obvious and won't remain a secret for too long.
I couldn't find a picture of these online, so this will have to do.
They are surprisingly comfortable!
Lastly, I stole some pictures off of Catherine's blog of our dinner.  Most of you have probably seen them already, but at the very least my mom can see them now!  We had such a lovely evening, and the four of us looked pretty stellar together! Now I just need to keep my eye on losing more weight so I can get close to her very petite size:)


vickyd said...

I absolutely LOVE Body Pump!! My Zumba studio does their own version that they call Pump Up The Volume which is basically Body Pump using hand weights instead of a weight bar and my instructor is certified to teach Body Pump so she knows what she's doing. I have seen dramatic changes in my body since I started...I have noticeable trapezoids, biceps and back muscles and I have also toned up my triceps, abs and thighs (but those aren't as noticeable due to the excess skin).

And I love the shoes - especially the blue ones!!

Lyla said...

I'm impressed. I did BodyPump on Monday and today is the first day I can walk normally without horrifying pain in my quads! I'm going again tomorrow.

Samantha said...

Those shoes are super cute!!! and then I saw the price and almost spewed my water ;)

and you're making me think I should stick around after my cardio and do the body pump class at my gym.

Beth Ann said...

A. I want to try Body Pump! That looks cool!
B. The American. Hee!
C. The shoes are wicked cute.
D. You look so pretty, Nora. You have to feel wonderful!!

Catherine55 said...

You are so awesome -- I love it that you are doing Body Pump!! What a weird instructor though -- Glad it didn't deter you one bit!

october 11 said...

I love the shoes and I too am very nervous about doing classes at the gym!

Cece said...

Great pic and I now use the word: sorted :) You really are a beauty, Nora !

Ronnie said...

I would love to try Body Pump! I love cardio, but I really need to start toning and doing weights, too. Sigh. I wish I was as cool as Nora. :)

Anonymous said...

Nora, you look amazing!!! I am so happy for you. I didn't even recongize you (I have been MIA for some months) You look HOTT! :)