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Monday, January 16, 2012

How I Spent My Friday

After returning home from a very late dinner party on Thursday evening, I immediately arranged for a car service to pick me up at 6:45.  Craziness, one might say.  Apart from another vacation, what could possibly get Nora up and ready to go at such an hour?  Well, I hear that a picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado, I submit my picture:    
Two words make me more excited that just about anything, and they are- Hermes. Sale.  So yes, I woke up at 6:15, packed myself up with a Fage yogurt and some agave nectar, a bottle of water and my Kindle and headed to Mayfair to queue for the sale.  The sale was scheduled to begin at 8:30, and I arrived just before 7.  It was cold, and it was dark.  My Under Armour spandex came in very handy beneath my jeans.  I was #6 in the queue- very exciting!  About 30 minutes before the doors opened, it looked like this:
The queue was a few hundred people deep by this point! 
We all received plastic bags to put our goods in while shopping:)
The doors opened, and Nora was off.  The sale itself was MADNESS!  The idiots running the sale let EVERYONE in at the same time, and it was like the running of the bulls (in NYC we have rules, and only so many people are allowed in at one time).  Within 2ish minutes, the hundreds of people from outside were now pushing and shoving their way through the aisles.  I knew that this location did not discount the traditional Hermes scarves that I like, so my game plan was to look at shoes for me and ties for Kenny.  Because I was the one who stood outside for more than 90 minutes, I felt that I had earned the right to shop for me first.  Boxes of shoes were piled high, and I found out that they were arranged by style rather than size.  Not good when you are a size 41 and are battling with the crazies. 
I decided to forego the shoes in the beginning and instead focus on ties.  Kenny is the one who has to dress nicely every day after all.  I made it to the ties less than a minute before everyone from the queue entered (so I had maybe been in the venue for 45 seconds or so), and I got there at the perfect time.  So many people pushed behind me that there were elbows thrown, display tables pushed and I expect that I have bruises on my back.  The pushing was so bad that security had to intervene as the modular display tables were being pushed into the saleswomen standing behind the tables!  People were going completely crazy.  I usually inspect all of the ties, line them up next to each other and take my time.  Not here folks.  I know what Kenny tends to favor, so I just pushed in and grabbed-- and grabbed-- and grabbed.  Seven ties later, and I decided to finally head over to the shoe area.  I found three fantastic pairs of shoes (though I told Kenny I only bought two pairs, so it will be our little secret) and made it to the checkout.  Bags in hand, I made it to the Underground by 9:30.  
The DAMAGE!!!      


Lap Band Gal said...

How fun!!! :)

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vickyd said...

Woo Hoo!! Sounds like quite an experience!!

Rachel said...

I heart Hermes (I work around the corner from the flagship store in Pareeee)!

Lyla said...

Tease! Where are the pictures of the shoes?

Lisa said...

So envious!! ;) Post some photos! I love my Hermes Scarves and would die for a huge sale like this.

Ronnie said...

Jealous. That's all I've got... jealousy. :)