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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Gear

I thought swimming was supposed to be the easy sport, the sport where I wouldn't have to bring gear back and forth to the pool.  Boy was I wrong.  Now that I am trying to swim to build strength and speed, I keep adding more accessories (training pieces?) to my routine. 
So I have the bathing suit.
And the cap.
And the goggles.
And the earplugs.
Then I bring the gloves.
And the kick board.
And the fins.
And I'm not even in the pool yet.  This is getting to be a bit much!


Lee Ann said...

Ha! This sounds like a Halloween costume. Pictures please. :)

Beth Ann said...

I would love to swim again, but I can't even get myself to the pool. Maybe I can get some inpiration from you!