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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not Quite Everything Aches

The bottom half of my body feels fine this morning, but the top part makes me want to just say OUCHIE.  The upper arms, shoulders and chest are sore.  I must have formerly unknown muscles somewhere on the outside of my ribs/beneath my armpits, because that area is a little funky as well.  My tailbone is also sore from doing that rolling on the ground thing on a mat thinner than my area rugs.  If I keep this up, I will purchase a better mat.  Does anyone have suggestions on nicely padded yoga mats?  The aching is good though, and developing some upper body strength will be a great thing.  Back to next week's class I will go.
Onto the scale... we all know I was up a bit after last weekend.  I worked out 90 minutes a day for 5 consecutive days this week just to get back under 250 (I am either 249.4 or 249.6 right now).  I think this is my first post-surgery week where I have not lost weight, sigh.  I think this tells me three things.  First, as I lose weight, it is so much easier to gain 2-3 lbs over a weekend (and I actually NOTICE every little gain on the scale).  My body doesn't need those extra calories, so they hang our somewhere around my midsection.  Second, it is a lot harder to cut calories now than it was at 324.6 lbs.  Back then I was consuming so much more than I needed that cutting 500 calories here and there was super easy.  Now that I have gotten rid of much of the excess food, the margins are much smaller.  Third, Nora needs a fill.  I have been hungry for the last week or two, which is causing me to eat more than I would like.  I went to the market to buy fish for lunch after Thursday's swim, and I wound up eating 8 ounces of cod AND a tomato/avocado salad.  I was hungry and overate.  At least I am overeating on relatively healthy choices, but this is not sustainable.  If it were not for my 450 minutes of exercise, I would have probably been up near 252-253 today.  I see Dr. K on August 1, and I hope she will give me a bit of liquid lovin. 

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Lee Ann said...

I got a nice yoga mat at TJMaxx awhile back but it's so worn that the brand has worn off of it. Or I'd tell you! Good job working out though.