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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My New Love

I haven't been to the pool since Monday.  Rather than taking the lift to B4 (or the stairs when the damn elevators are out of order), I've been working out on the first floor- warming up on the treadmill, alternating between upper and lower body routines and then doing cardio.  I did 30 minutes on Tuesday, 45 minutes yesterday and 60 minutes today! 
I am accustomed to the traditional ellipticals that pretty much have a big wheel/gizmo on the back. 
These machines are fine, but I never liked how they did so much of the work for me.  Kind of like how the wheels on the bus go round and round, my feet would go round and round, round and round, round and round.  I assumed cardio equipment had not improved much since my days of working out, oh so many years ago.  I was wrong. 
Enter, stage left, my new love.
So it has the characteristics of an elliptical in that I can take long strides, but I can also take little vertical steps- more like an up and down movement akin to a stair climber. 
My long strides, like a gazelle no less...
Note the elastics connecting the frame to the platforms!
And the resistance controls are incorporated into the handles- super convenient:)
Yes, 631 calories in 1 hour!!!
So during my workout, I can do a little bit of everything.  I feel that my legs and tush get a strong workout, and (assuming I can trust the Technogym information) I burn a bit over 600 calories in an hour.  Tomorrow I will venture back to the yoga studio.


Jacquie said...

WooHoo Nora! That is fantastic! I feel so much better when I exercise, don't you?

Lee Ann said...

Yeah I love those fancy ellipticals. The ones at my gym are kind of hard to get started, it's like I have to throw all my weight into it to start, but then it gets easier once I get going. And, oddly enough, they have TVs on them, but I find it too hard to pay attention to TV because it's a good workout...right now I can only do music. Maybe one day it will be "easy" enough to pay attention to a TV show.

Andrea said...

I've never used one of those machines before, but it looks nice!

Beth Ann said...

How cool and super fancy! It's funny because I first read Technogym as Technogasm. HA! Glad you are loving them!