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Friday, August 12, 2011


I am going to need to modify my breakfast routine slightly.  The first time I worked out intensely last month, I came home and felt a little woozy.  I put a bit of honey on my finger, sucked away and felt oh so much better.  I clearly wasn't getting enough carbs for a hard workout, so I added raspberries and a bit of honey to my morning yogurt.  Today I had my newly improved yogurt and a kiwi before hitting the gym.  I spoke with the front desk about purchasing a training pack and then had a fantastic workout.  I increased the reps for my squat and kettle bell routine significantly and was really pleased that I did this and still completed 60 minutes on the vario. 
Anyway, I made it home and spent a few minutes on the computer before hopping into the shower.  Then everything went downhill.  That woozy feeling came back and was SO much worse than the first time it happened.  I felt that I was going to hurl or pass out, and I wasn't really sure which would be worse.  I wound up getting the suds off of me quickly, wrapping up in a towel and running into the kitchen (dripping wet) to once again have a moment with my trusty bottle of honey.  A few squeezes later and I was all set to attempt my shower again.
Clearly, I need to change my breakfast game plan.  Like many bandsters, I don't have much interest in breakfast.  I eat it out of necessity and really don't think I could get down much more than yogurt and a kiwi or two.  I was convinced that the raspberry, honey and kiwi would give me enough oomph to get me through.  Does anyone have suggestions to get more energy into my breakfast?  I am considering adding a bit more honey and maybe one more kiwi but am up for other options.


Amanda said...

What?? We're in the same boat you and I!

Taylor said...

How about adding a handful of nuts to the yogurt?

Do you drink smoothies? One that I love the best is made with a scoop of protein powder, 2T of greek yogurt, a handful of frozen fruit, as much raw spinach as I can fit in the blender, and 8-10 oz of coconut water. I feel great during and after a workout after drinking this and about 12 ounces of plain water.

banded bella said...

Adding some other type of protein would help. I work out in the evening or afternoon depending on work and I usually have a protein shake right before going inside.

Cece said...

I have no advise but will be checking back to read what others have to say. Congrats on upping your workout !

Bandita Senorita said...

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. I hope that you can find a resolution.

I also wanted to say that I loved your last blog post about your husband's co-worker. Awesome NSV!

Jacquie said...

Morning workouts are the worst! My trainer said because your body has no fuel (food) when you wake up, it is so important to "fuel-up" before and after a workout. He suggests 100-200 calories of carbs and proteins before a workout and protein within 1 hr after.

I usually eat a little yogurt and a cheese stick before a workout and i have a protein drink right after. When I forget to eat beforehand, I suffer the same symptoms as you describe.

MandaPanda said...

Please let me know what you come up with. That's been one of my biggest hurdles in working out in the morning (that and waking up, of course. lol).