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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene, You Suck!

I'm happy to hear that so many of you survived Irene relatively unscathed.  Unfortunately, my mom was not as lucky.  She lives in the part of New Jersey that was hardest hit.  She was under a mandatory evacuation until Monday afternoon and is STILL without power.  We have heard that she should not expect power to be reinstated until Monday at the earliest.  I'm not all that confident that the power company will get power up and running over a holiday weekend, but we can hope.  So now she is living at home with no power and no generator.  At least she should be well-rested this week!  I'm not sure how Muldoon, mom's dog, is handling this no power situation.  She is a relatively high maintenance wow wow and likes sleeping with air conditioning.  Without it, her hair frizzes and she is restless.  Mom will probably survive a week sans power better than her fuzzy baby will. 
For your viewing pleasure, I bring you Muldoon
I bought Muldoon this shirt to wear at my bridal shower 
(and no, I don't typically dress up the poor dog)
 While I am on the subject of my shower, one pic with mi madre
Now back to the storm.  Mom's street was under 3.5-4' of water during Irene, but luckily her house has high enough elevation that her garage and home remained dry! 
Mom's street (her house is not pictured)   
I am scheduled to fly back to NJ on Sunday to spend Labor Day on the beach... it will be interesting to see what the beach looks like after the storm (and it will be equally interesting to figure out how I will shower off after a day at the beach without hot water).  Just give me one good beach day and I won't whine and sob too much about the lack of electricity.


Ronnie said...

I hope your mom's electricity gets turned back on soon. Must be horrible being without... that's what I love/hate about living in North Texas. Tornadoes but no hurricanes. LOL

You gals look so much alike, you could pass for sisters! (Haha, I'm sure you've heard that before.) :)

MandaPanda said...

So sorry your mom has to go through all this. Even with the holiday weekend...with so many people affected, I'm sure they'll get the power up and running soon.

Catherine55 said...

Sorry to hear about your mom suffering from Irene! I hope that it is all resolved soon. The t-shirt for the dog is hilarious -- love it!

Cece said...

Hope your Mom is powered up soon and I LOVE the little t-shirt for your precious-pup !

Amanda said...

Love that the pup loves A/C! Sorry for your poor mama. It is amazing how bad this hurricane was.

Andrea said...

That's awful! I hope they get it back on soon and you have a fun trip!

amandapriss said...

That sucks Nora! Hope everything is back running sooner rather then later! Her pooch is a cutie pie..and so is her daughter! ;) You are looking good girl!

Jacquie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for your mom getting back power!

banded bella said...

Being from FL I know what the storms can do and no power really stinks....hope that you have a great holiday.