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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Ready To Boogy

We have a car picking us up at 4:45 am, and I am partially packed.  Seeing that it is before 6 pm here, this is a big accomplishment for me! 
My right contact was bothering me yesterday.  I popped it out, and my eye was a bit gummy (yuck).  Not bad, but still not what I want to see pre-vacation.  I bought an OTC antibiotic drop but still went to the eye doctor this morning.  Good thing I did; the doctor gave me something that is much stronger.  So now I am wearing glasses.  Not something I do too often, but c'est la vie.  Better this than having a serious infection in Mallorca. 
I doubt I will be able to blog on vacation, so see you after August 29!


Melissa Wolf said...

Have a wonderful relaxing time, Nora!!

Liz said...

Have a great vacation! If there is anything specific that someone should see there, let me know! It's one of the ports on my cruise :)

Cece said...

Looking forward to your travel review ... enjoy every minute !

banded bella said...

Hi there friend.....I have been out of checking blogs as I have been working like a crazy person with 2 16 hour shifts and a trip to Dallas this week. I head back today and go back to work tomorrow for more crazy. The trainers can be snakes but it seems you have ran into a very nasty one. I think you handled it very well. Wow golf lessons you go girl....I have to say Nora you are doing an awssome job and wish the best for you. Have a great time and post pics so we can all be jealous....hugs.

Anonymous said...

HOpe you had a great vacation.
New Follower.