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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Feel Much Better Now. I Really Do.

Ladies, I can't thank you enough for all of your comments yesterday.  I agree with everything you wrote.  Basil is a little gnat, and I can easily ignore him.  As for the clothes, I am usually very good about giving away my old clothing and only wearing pieces that fit well and are flattering.  Like many of you, my wardrobe is pretty lean at the moment.  I bought transition clothing in April, but most of what I purchased is gigantic at this point.  I am bringing almost everything that fits to Mallorca on Friday.  Because 1 hour dry cleaning does not exist here (I am lucky to get my clothes back in 2 business days), and I have to hang dry everything that I wash at home, I am relegated to the part of the closet I typically avoid.  These are my emergency rations- not pretty or luxurious, but they get the job done in dire situations.  My cute new jeans are finally dry, so I will look a bit more human today.  
I do think yesterday was some sort of cosmic reminder that I cannot get complacent with thise whole weight loss process.  I find that to be a positive.  Falling off the wagon at this point would be a failure in my eyes, and I am not going to let that happen.  So being aware of where I am in the process without being angered or annoyed by it can only help me to stay motivated!  
I am now ready for my herb-free gym session!


Anonymous said...

So glad you feel better! :)

Beth Ann said...

Excellent! Just keep going forward. One step at a time!!

Liz said...

You know...I'm not that big of a fan of basil anyway.... ;-)

Cece said...

I can't wait to utter the phrase: cute new jeans :) hope your gym session was awesome for you !