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Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Did Packing Become So Difficult?

I have always considered myself to be a pretty good packer.  I pack quickly and neatly and just about never forget anything.  The morning after Kenny and I were married, mom hosted a brunch for 70+ wedding guests.  I spent the morning with our guests and then hustled to pack before the arrival of our limo at 3 pm.  The limo came early, and I made the driver wait until 3 (when I was done).  We were away for about 2 weeks, and I didn't forget a thing.  This is just how I handle packing.  Kenny and mom now have a running joke about my packing, and they don't even try to push me to pack in advance. 
I'm sad to say that I finally have packing fatigue, and this fatigue is making me forgetful.  I love the travel, but the packing is becoming an annoying inconvenience.  I think it is because I am in a perpetual state of packing and unpacking- I am rarely in London for more than 2 weeks at a time and am just about always in the states for a week a month.  This is on top of my European travel.  I am to the point where I don't always bother to fully unpack (yes, I take the dirties out and change up the shoes) before piling in a few more items and running to meet my driver.  My system had always worked until last month, and then it failed miserably. 
Kenny and I had been at the shore and were taking the ferry into the city when I realized that I had forgotten undies.  Three nights in the city and no undies.  Kenny had also left his ties at my mom's house, so I made an emergency trip to Bloomingdale's.  This little shopping trip was an unexpected bonus, as my old undies look a bit like very baggy parachutes wrapped around my body.  Still, I didn't like that I had forgotten something so essential.  I pride myself in my packing skills after all. 
Fast forward to our weekend in the Cotswolds.  We are unpacking on Friday evening.  I pull out my dress, shoes and wrap for Friday night.  I pull out my shoes and wrap for Saturday night.  What is missing?  The dress!  I remembered the items I really could have managed without, the shoes and wrap, and completely blanked on the dress.  Two trips in two weeks, and I forgot two major things.  Now we are a week away from our Mallorca trip.  We are staying here for 10 nights, and I really don't want to continue this trend of forgetting my belongings.  I am going to have to pack in advance for this trip.  Even worse, I might actually make a checklist!  Groan:( 
I hope that my packing amnesia is temporary.  My travel routine will become much more tiresome if I actually need to focus on it!
I had a great workout this morning!  The trainer I wrote about earlier this week, Ed, was there again.  He had offered to help me out when he introduced himself on Tuesday, so I decided to take him up on his offer today.  I was in the middle of a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill when we started chatting.  I asked if he could show me a few more kettle bell exercises, and he was very helpful.  He stayed with me from 9:10-9:55, which is pretty amazing!  Of course Ed wants me to do personal training with him, so he wanted to show me what he is like.  And it was a smart move on his part!  I've been watching the trainers most days to determine if I could like any of them, and some of them just wouldn't work for me.  Some stand next to the trainee as he/she runs on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  Sorry boys, but I can do that myself.  Others have the unfortunate condition of being female.  I've never liked female trainers and just refuse to even bother trying with another woman.  Lastly, some are just plain dumb.  I like to be able to chat and banter, and I need someone who at least has enough braincells to deal with me.  This guy is a 22 year old university grad, studying for his masters and going through the process of applying to the army.  Ed could work!  I am going to buy a package of training sessions so he can work with me once a week.  After my training today I completed an hour of cardio on the Vario, so it was a good start to the day. 


Liz said...

I get super OCD when I pack, and it's usually a 3 day process. First I plan out all of my outfits for the trip. Then I usually need to do laundry. Then I start assembling everything, then make a list of the things that can't go in until last minute.

I can't even imagine packing as often as you do!!!

Cece said...

I consider myself a 'master packer' as well ... just wish I was travelling to cool places like you. My Sweetie and I don't live together and for the longest time I wouldn't leave anything there. I literally lived out of the trunk of my car. Maybe I was more of a bag person with a car ?? Maybe it's because you look so good that there's a change in what's needed (baggy clothes versus skinny cloths?) Congrats on buying the package with Ed !

MandaPanda said...

I'm a light packer who always forgets something. Doesn't matter how many lists I make, how far in advance I pack...I will forget something. I've come to accept it.

Good luck on the training!

Ronnie said...

Now you've got me nervous about packing for BOOBs! And I've already started my checklist. LOL

Will send you good packing vibes from here on out. :)

Dani said...

I think I forget things on purpose so I can shop...

banded bella said...

On two trips out of town in Apirl and one in March I left without shoes....can you believe that no shoes except the ones on my feet...I thought I was losing my mind...oh well.

I have thought about doing the personal trainer thing but have not gotten there yet....