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Monday, October 17, 2011

Could It Be The Fruit?

Good morning Blogland.  Here I sit, Pissy Nora, going through everything I have been eating in order to find my weight gain culprits.  I would have gladly accepted a 1lb gain for the week, considering that the brother-in-law was here and we ate out even more than usual.  This 3lb gain shows a more serious problem with my eating that I have to address, attack and remedy before getting back into the 230s!  In itemizing my food intake, the biggest change in my diet in the last week or two has been the addition of fruit.  I always eat a lot of veggies (spinach, asparagus) but limit fruit, mostly, to tomatoes.  I am not an anti-carb person, but I try not to overdo it.  Recently I have been incorporating pears and mangoes into my diet, and I wonder whether they could be part of the issue here.  Remember, I refuse to give up my nightly vino... which is carb/sugar heavy.  Might the excess sugar in the fruit, coupled with my nightly wine, be putting me over the edge, be messing up my blood sugar and making me more likely to gain weight? 
So in addition to eating a fish heavy diet this week, I am eliminating mangoes and pears.  Bad timing considering that I have 7 pears and 5 mangoes in my kitchen, but better I make this modification and see if it does the trick than eat these 12 pieces of fruit and risk another 3lb gain this week!


Dani said...

I too have cut out things to keep my nightly vino, good luck :)

Amanda said...

Well this weekend I drank enough wine for about a month of nightly vinos!

I just am not a big fruit eater. It comes from my days of counting and saving calories. Not that I don't still do this but just not in the same way! Fruit just always had to much for me to justify it.

Was the three lb gain over night? If so it isn't real.

speck said...

I'm not a big fruit either but recently I have been having it and it hasn't caused me any problems at all. Which I'm glad because I thought it might set off sugar cravings.

Just a couple of thoughts...besides the fruit, could it be carbs in other forms..maybe a little of this here, a little of that there?

And water...are you usually a water drinker.

I always hate to hear, "are you drinking your water". Well it's true though.

Just passing along.