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Monday, October 24, 2011

Skinny People Do It Too

Yes, it is true.  The skinnies of the world work out.  I am amazed that even after losing 100lbs and being so much smaller than I have been in years, I am frequently the largest woman in the gym.  Where, I'd like to know, are the bigger women?  I don't buy that this is Europe and people aren't as big.  That is pure rubbish (look at me, adding in an English word like rubbish to prove my point).  I see a lot of big women in London; I just never see them at the gym.  I think the answer is that the bigger women are just not working out... or at least not doing so in traditional settings.  This is an unfortunate reality, because the bigger women really, really, really need the benefits associated with exercise.
Now, Blogland, I see this in our community as well.  We have all gone through major surgery, and many of us have spent a lot of money out-of-pocket for the surgery, yet a decent number of bandsters/sleevesters are reticent when it comes to exercise.  This is obviously not applicable to everyone out there, and most of the people I follow regularly have really embraced exercise as part of an overall lifestyle change since having WLS.  But for the people who really and truly believe that they can reach their goals (assuming these goals are to no longer be obese or overweight) merely by eating less and relying on the band, good luck with that!  It might work for a few, but this doesn't seem like a way to lasting success and weight loss.  If just eating less were enough, most of the women at my gym would not be tall, slender women who look like their body shape comes naturally to them.  If just eating less were enough, there wouldn't be a whole fitness industry geared not only to weight loss but to healthy living.  If just eating less were enough, the successful bansters out there wouldn't always be posting about their spin classes, their 5k runs, their marathons, yoga, boot camp, etc.  From what I see, and from what I have experienced in my 10.5 months of banded life, just eating better is not enough.  If I want to become complacent with my weight, I could probably knock out my workouts and not gain too much weight.  But why, in the name of whatever Deity you answer to, would I EVER become complacent at 224.2lbs when the synergies of healthy eating and serious exercise can get my so much further?
So the moral of the story is- EXERCISE- IT IS FOR EVERYONE!
And I have a song to get everyone in the mood to visit the gym.  I was walking home from my gym last week- hoodie on with my black shorts, water bottle in hand and sweating profusely- and these two South African guys saw me and began to sing this song.  It was actually very cute, and I blushed.  I wasn't embarrassed, I knew they weren't making fun of me or anything, they just saw a woman who had obviously come from the gym and broke out into song.  Here it goes (and yes, I know that the lyrics didn't deal with the gym originally, but work with me people):

***This is a first for me- I am updating this post based on MandaPanda's response.  I 100% agree with her that larger women are intimidated by the gym.  If you are one of those women, don't let fear or the idea of being uncomfortable stop you from doing something you could grow to really enjoy (and that is good for your health).  I have always had a really good self image- even when I weighed in at 320+lbs, so I never worried too much about what people would think of me at the gym.  If anyone had said anything I wouldn't have run off and cried- I would have said something along the lines of, "Seriously, I am here trying to deal with an obvious problem, and you think it is amusing to comment on issues I am working on".  Yes, I had rehearsed that just in case I ever needed it... but I didn't!
People who are working out are surprisingly unobservant about what is going on around them.  They are there to complete a task, and that task is their focus.  Maybe avoid a gym full of frat boys or meat heads, but other than that, go for it.  When I started working out post-surgery, I decided to swim.  There is no impact, and I could do it by myself.  I didn't want to be on a treadmill having trouble even keeping up a 4mph pace, so I didn't even try until I had lost some weight.  Now I am upstairs with marathon runners and some beautiful women who look like they must be in the service industry (and by this I am referring to the oldest profession, not people working at restaurants).  I am completely comfortable working out next to these people at this point!   This is the great thing about the gym--- there are different options for different people.  Try water aerobics if your gym has a pool, try one of the short classes.  Speak with the manager of the gym and ask for advice on which classes will suit you best.  But at least try it.  It is not going to negatively impact your weight, and you will probably have a much better experience than you had anticipated!


MandaPanda said...

I think larger women are intimidated by the gym. They think everyone is looking at them and judging them or they feel that they don't belong. I know I had this exact problem at first. The only way to overcome is just suck it up and move on. If people have nothing better to do but watch me jiggle away on a treadmill, then maybe they need to look inside themselves to figure out what that says about them. I don't think exercise is necessarily imperative to losing weight but it is necessary to get healthy. Great post!

Darlin1 said...

Also....Exercise really helps with the jiggly some extent!

vickyd said...

When I started out, I HATED exercising! You wouldn't have found me in a gym under penalty of death because I was very embarrassed and intimidated...but I knew deep down that I was going to have to do some sort of exercise. I half-heartedly started using my exercise bike and walking occaisionally. I still hated it but I could do it at my leisure...but then I hit a major stall and I KNEW that I had to finally get up off of my ass and do I did.

I think the key is finding something you love to do...for me, it's Zumba and Body Pump...I love the workouts, burn tons of calories and God help anyone who tries to interfere in my workout schedule. Now, I'm addicted to it...I like the results on the scale but more importantly I like the way it makes me feel...I feel strong for the first time in a very long time.

Great post!!

Ronnie said...

I love that those men did that for you last night. I love the song! :)

Cat said...

I would never have thought that I would be exercising 6 to 8 times per week. I have to agree that finding something you like to do is the key. Not everyone can stand walking for 30 mins on the "dread"mill. However a Zumba class may be just the ticket.

Andrea said...

Love this! I really believe that exercise is so key to losing and maintaining weight loss. I was never really intimidated by the gym, but I go to a community center where there are all types of people. Not just women who look like barbies. I think an added benefit of working out is also helping not have so much loose skin! That alone is reason to drag yourself to the gym! :)

Dani said...

I go to an all women gym and we do have some larger ladies there-I always think good for them,Wow-did you just see how I didnt class myself with them....