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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sicky Pooh

Ladies, I should have known this would happen.  The calendar moves forward to October, and I get sick.  My body doesn't do cold, or dark-- or rainy.  Why, you might ask, am I living in London of all places!?!  I still wonder the same thing at times, but such is married life.  So yes, I am sick.  It is just a cold but is still super annoying.  I first felt the symptoms on Monday and figured I would go to the gym and tire the cold to death.  I tried that approach on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, but the cold made it clear that it was holding on for dear life. 
Now I am popping pills like a mad woman, but I find it more difficult to treat a cold now that I am banded.  The liquid medicines make me gag, and I know that swallowing Dayquil capsules is risky.  Sudafed discontinued the little red pills that I lived on (even before being banded), and I am running out of options.  Rite Aid has a generic that is (supposed to be) comparable to Sudafed, so now I buy this in mass quantities... not the easiest thing to do considering I have to swipe my ID every time I need a pack.  And, as a rule, I HATE generics.  I am the shopper who will pay for the brand, and this whole generics thing is new territory for me.  
I decided that I would not go to the gym today.  My body is obviously a bit run down, and perhaps a bit of rest would be better for me.  Instead I went shopping.  I started at a popular UK shoe store, apparently a favorite of the former Kate M!ddlet0n, and found NOTHING!  I tried on a pair of too small heels and left.  From there I went to my FAVORITE UK shoe store, L-K-Bennett, (NYC folks can find some items from this brand at Bloomingdale's).  Again, nothing.  I actually mentioned to the sales woman that this is the first time I have ever entered this store without buying anything and promised her I would be back in a couple of weeks to see if they have received more stock.  But here is the interesting part.  I always consider this place *just* a shoe store, but it is actually a shoe and clothing store.  I have never looked at any of the clothing because of my size, and the women working there have always understood that I was limited to the shoe selection.  Not today my friends, not today.  The woman started talking about these great jumpers (sweaters) that they just got in as well as some dresses.  I was not brave enough to try anything- I am still a rather large 16 (US sizes) and didn't want to be mortified when I couldn't fit into anything.  At the same time, I was SO happy that this woman would even suggest that I try on some items of clothing.  I mean, this woman doesn't want to be working with me if there were no possibility that I would fit into the clothes.  She could just stand there and smile as I browse the shoes.  I will have to try the clothes at some point.  Perhaps when I hit Onederland I can try on a dress or two (and maybe even buy one)!
Tomorrow is our fun-filled Visa day in Sheffield.  I can't even put into words how excited I am to wake up before the birds to travel two+ hours by rail.  At least this should be a one shot deal.  Kenny's brother is flying in on Saturday for a visit and will be spending the week with us.  I am really not sure what his plans are for the week, but there is enough to do in London to keep him occupied. 


Rachel said...

I think it has something to do with weather this side of the Atlantic - have been fighting off the same illness since Monday!! This is my first cold since the band, and I find that I am SUPER SUPER tight - does that ever happen to you? xxx

Melissa Wolf said...

So sorry you got the perennial October cold...blah. We have it too in my house. I feel like sleeping on my desk today. Can you cut too-big pills in half? How about natural supplements? We use stuff like Emergen-C packets and echinacea drops (the German brand A. Vogel makes a tincture called Echinaforce we like a lot)...well, whatever you do I hope you feel better soon! And great NSV about the brave new world of clothing options!!

MandaPanda said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Robyn's Nest said...

It is on this side of the world too. I am always getting a dang cold when the weather changes.
I hope you feel better soon.

Andrea said...

Hope you're feeling better today!