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Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy Men Play Rugby

I survived my first rugby game yesterday, and it wound up being a lot of fun.  Kenny bought us front row tickets, so we were close enough to hear every snap, crackle and pop inflicted on the field.  Given how hard these men hit, the sound effects were amazing!  After watching 80 minutes of regulation (plus a few extra minutes at the end of each half), I am utterly convinced that rugby is a sport for the insane.  I knew that rugby was a hard-hitting sport, but I am truly amazed that the players can take these hits again and again!  Rugby makes American football look like a game for weenies, and rugby players make American football players (players who are constantly complaining to the refs for flags, penalties, etc) look like whining babies.
Unlike American football, the clock keeps running for a half (similar to European football).  If players are injured, they are treated on the field while the game goes on around them.  The same goes for players needing water or physio help.  The doctors, physio trainers and hydration guys wear bright vests and just charge onto the field.  The players hit each other with no pads, no helmets, no neck support- nothing.  And they just keep going and going.  At one point an injured player in the middle of the action stepped back, fell to his knees and just crawled and crawled until the doctor saw to him.  It was really amazing to see!  The players had the largest quads I have ever seen- gigantic.  Because all players perform all duties (no quarterback, no offense or defense, no special teams), they all have the same enormous bodies!  If they were a bit older, I would have bet anyone dollars to donuts that the players had participated in some sort of Soviet-era gene modification program.  They were nothing short of scary!   
View from our seats...
The doctors, trainers and water guys wear the bright vests
so they don't get creamed on the field!
The funniest part of the game was the name of the team- The Wasps.  All of these really mean and very tough men are named after an annoying bug that is a nuisance, and might be a bit of a pain temporarily, but is by no means dangerous for most people.  The man seating next to my brother-in-law kept shouting 'Let's go WASPIES', and it made me giggle.  The name seemed very silly and incongruous considering what was happening on the field.  At least they aren't named The Gnats!
I was a bit afraid to step onto the scale this morning.  I had scrambled eggs with low-fat cheddar for breakfast (probably only 1 egg), half a super fatty sausage at the game for lunch along with some french fries (maybe 8 or 10) and then ate Thai for dinner.  It wasn't too much food, but the food was much higher in fat and salt than what I typically eat.  And of course I had wine, as this is something I refuse to live without.  Luckily, I was still down this morning.  I hope I can keep this up!!!  My sushi lunch and afternoon visit to the gym should help.   


Rachel said...

Ahhh rugby... scares me to watch all the men beat each other up.

speck said...

When I read that first sentence, "I survived my first rugby game" I was like WOW....DAMN.

I'm glad you "enjoyed" the game. I was pretty impressed there for a minute! lol

Andrea said...

Fun! Those rugby guys are hardcore!!!

Cece said...

Hmmm .... I'm going to have to pay much closer attention to all of that leg action ! Thanks for the tip :)

Melissa Wolf said...

Wow, great descriptions, I feel like I was there...but can I confess I'm glad I wasn't?! I annoy my in-laws and coworkers when I say things like "It's just a game" and "It doesn't really matter who wins or loses" regarding (American) football...which is like a religion to them! Hope your visit with your brother in law is going well, and congrats on losing despite entertaining!!