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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Life- Set To Music

Some of you have probably noticed that I have theme songs for just about everything that happens in my life.  My Fair Lady, Hall and Oates and KC and the Sunshine Band have made their way into this blog.  I am kind of like JD from Scrubs- he just looks to the side and something completely random pops into his mind.  I look to the side and BAM (as Emeril would say) music pops into my mind!  I just can't help it.  I rarely sing out loud, as I am well aware that dogs on multiple continents would cower in agony were they to accidentally encounter one of my episodes, but I almost always have music running through my mind.  Kenny and I were recently picking out our Christmas cards, and one card had a sleigh on an island with the sun behind it (he was so not on board with this card by the way).  I immediately broke out singing, "If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain".  Apparently I have done this more frequently than I'd like to admit, because Kenny started laughing and said he KNEW I was going to sing that song.  My other favorite is to sing "All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself- anymore".  Too bad for Kenny I pull this one out when he is swamped with work and, sadly, ignoring me a bit.  Kenny is back in the office today, so it is an All By Myself day.  I know he is in hell trying to finish a project though, so I won't sing this one to him tonight. 
While Kenny went to work this morning, I went to a local pub to see friends and catch the end of the Rugby World Cup Final.  What a mistake!  I got to the pub with only 10ish minutes remaining in the game, and the place was so crowded that I couldn't even make it to my friends' table.  In case that wasn't enough to make me realize that I had made a bad decision, the Kiwis I was standing near were kind of unpleasant.  I guess this is what happens when people start drinking heavily at 9am.  The girl behind me was F-bombing her way through the morning.  I find cursing to be an art form, and it is a skill that I have done my best to refine, but all of the eff this and eff that was so annoying.  I do hope she is able to rely on a more extensive vocabulary when she is outside of the pub! 
So I cooked a fantastically yummy paella for dinner tonight.  I don't know if the whole shrimp might turn some of your stomachs (if so, sorry about that), but man oh man was it fantastic. 
Get in my belly!
I absolutely love paella- it is one of my favorite dishes, but I so rarely eat it.  Most restaurants in the States think that cooking a pot of rice of shrimp yields a paella, and many paella restaurants throughout Spain are way too touristy to focus on a consistent and high quality product (Spaniards eat the dish at home, never in a restaurant).  The rice will probably do bad things to my weight tomorrow morning, but at least consuming those excess calories was 100% worth it.  Yum! 
Happy Sunday:)


Cece said...

If I start singing any KC Sunshine songs ... you're going to hear about it .. lol

Bandita Senorita said...

I do the singing thing too, and 'All By Myself' is also in my lineup of songs. :)

Your paella looks FABULOUS!!! I want to come to dinner!

Dawnya said...

Okay Nora...I need that recipe. I have never had paella. I have heard people rave about it. Since you posted the picture I gotta have it. Please.

Amanda said...

mmmmmm....I love paella and I don't mind the heads. I just don't suck em!

Keep on singing!

Andrea said...

I'm so with you on the music thing! I always have s song stuck in my head. My family thinks it's funny to get songs stuck in my head. That paella looks amazing and I don't even really like it!