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Friday, October 21, 2011

I Had A Heart-to-Heart With My Body

I asked it why it has declared a moratorium on losing weight.  I explained that I have been holding up my end of the weight loss bargain- working out religiously, preparing and eating low-fat/high protein foods and controlling my portions- but my body would hear none of it.  It told me that I am going to have to step up and work a hell of a lot harder than I have been to earn this hundred+ pound loss I so desperately want.  My body said that it is cold out and that my body is cold as well.  It would prefer that I not lose more weight until the warmer months, but I made it clear that this was not in the cards.  So my body has drawn a line in the sand- if I want to keep losing weight, I have to figure out a way to give it the warm, wintry food it craves while not increasing my calorie/carb/fat counts AND maintain or increase my workouts.  I am not too happy with my body's demands.  I feel that I have been treating it very well and that it, in turn, is making my life unnecessarily difficult.  Still, I will prove to this crabby body of mine that my commitment to my weight loss remains unwavering and that I am going to do my damnedest to make this work for both of us. 
Does anyone else out there have trouble with cravings as the weather gets colder?  I have been doing so well with months and months of fish and veg dinners, and now all I want is stews, potatoes, noodles, etc.  I am NOT giving into these cravings, but man oh man it is difficult.  Greek salads are just not cutting it for me at this point.  I am making a black bean and chicken chili in the slow cooker this evening in an attempt to soothe my craving while avoiding excess calories.  If it is any good, I will post a recipe.


Catherine55 said...

Nah.. your body isn't on strike -- it's just stalled for a minute. But.. if it's really stalled, keep doing everything right and it will not be able to stop the scale from getting you to the 100 pounds down point and beyond. Now might be a good time to check out your measurements -- I bet you've lost a bunch of inches already!

Ronnie said...

My body is suggesting I eat the same things as well, and it isn't even truly cold here yet. I have a feeling this is going to be a loooong winter. :(

MandaPanda said...

You tell that body's who's boss!

vickyd said...

My body is craving those types of foods also...I'm trying to find some good menu ideas that will satisfy but not take me off track...the winner so far has been beef stew (I served it to my family over egg noodles but I ate mine by itself - very satisfying). Today seemed like a soup day so I have homemade chicken soup simmering on the stove...the plan is to add some low carb pasta to it and have it for dinner tonight...yummy! If your chicken and black bean chilli is good I would love to get the recipe!

Linda said...

I too crave more in the winter. I try to focus on making some go to comfort foods that aren't so bad. I make big batches of soups and stews - at least with those I can balance the protein and carbs. I also love making polenta and then using it with a lot of protein(it fulfils my bread need). I also like to have a cup of tea or coffee at night to try to stave off night eating.
I know you'll start losing again. Focus on little changes you can make.

speck said...

You know, I'm the opposite. I tend to lose weight in the winter and gain in summer.

I eat a lot of soups in the fall/winter but I really watch the carbs. Carbs and me don't do well.