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Monday, June 13, 2011

Adorable Blog Award

Back again.  I am catching up on my blogging, and I don't want to forget about the Adorable Blog Award.  I'd like to thank Christine and Rachel for nominating me.  Here are the rules:
*Thank the women who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
*Tell us 10 things about yourself.
*Nominate your bloggers.
*Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.
1.  I love tomatoes.  I never thought I would- I hated them more than just about anything when I was younger.  Then something happened, and I just LOVE them.  Give me a ripe tomato, or ten, some sea or kosher salt and a knife, and I am in heaven.  I have my tomatoes, salt and knife in front of me RIGHT NOW:)
2.  I am a very social person but still value my alone time.  One day I will have lunch and dinner plans with friends; the next, I will spent the day alone.  I enjoy both and make sure to schedule time for both. 
3.  I speak with my mom several times a day.  I call her when she is on her way to work, at work and before K and I go to bed.  There are sometimes multiple calls at work.  We even spoke every day, but only once a day, when K and I were on our honeymoon in Mauritius.  Yeah, we talk a lot. 
4.  I love shoes but hate feet.  Remember dorm living when we were freshmen in college.. the way your bed was also your sofa?  I do.  It was horrible, people sitting Indian style on MY BED.  Gross.  Keep your dang feet off my stuff! 
5.  I yearn for suburban living.  I am from the suburbs but have lived in cities for years.  When we move back to the states, we plan to move to the suburbs.  This excites me to no end.  A house with a yard, perhaps a pool, so many rooms to decorate, fabulous!  
6.  I still bite my nails.  It is a disgusting habit, and I wish I had to the control to stop. 
7.  I hate the smell of food once I am done eating.  One of the joys of living in London is not having central air, so the smell of cooked food lingers for days.
8.  I like blogging.  I am only about a month into my blog, and I really enjoy it.  I like the comments, and I like reading what other people are blogging about.  If you happen to like what I am writing, kindly show some love and give me a shout out.  The more the merrier:)
9.  My husband and I met when we were freshmen in college (he was smart enough to not sit Indian style on my bed).  We started dating that summer, dated through college, graduated together and took a break in my second year of law school.  Then we got back together after I graduated and he was more settled in his career.  I cannot imagine life without my husband.  He has been part of my life for so long, and we have grown (and grown up) together.  I love him dearly!
10.  I have a shopping issue.  I like shopping- A LOT.  I have more clothes, shoes and pocketbooks than any woman should. 
I mostly follow veteran bloggers, and I doubt they will appreciate this nomination (considering they have probably all done this multiple times already).  Instead, I will nominate women who are just starting their journeys...
Amanda at Hopeful Bandster- she was banded just before Memorial Day and is still on liquids. 
Lee Ann at Stealing Skinny- she is hoping for self-pay VSG next month.


Lee Ann said...

I'm a nail biter too. Ugh! The only times I didn't were when I was pregnant. Then they magically grew rock hard so I didn't bite or pick at them. Some people told me it was the prenatal vitamins, but I wasn't taking any. I think it was the hormones.

And I met my husband the summer between our 2nd and 3rd year of college.

Thanks for the nomination, that was sweet and thoughtful of you. :)

Christine said...

LOL! Feet really are gross though! I get it!

I'm a nail-biter too, but I'm trying really hard to stop!! So far I'm about 1 month bite-free. The key for me in hardening my nails is to moisturize with oil conditioners several times a day. As a manicurist friend told me, "when you wash your hands a hundred times a day, it's exactly if you were to wash your hair a hundred times a day. If you want your hair to be soft, you have to condition; same thing with your nails!" So oil them up!


MandaPanda said...

Feet are nasty..even pedicured ones. I LOVE tomatoes...but only raw. If it's not in some kind of sauce, I hate cooked tomatoes. It's funny, I've only lived in the suburbs but always dreamed about living in a big an apartment...upstairs from something cool (I think I watch too much TV).

Bandita Senorita said...

Another nail biter here! Ugh! (But I think I will try the moisturizer thing.)

I personally don't mind normal-looking feet, but I dated a guy who hated any type of foot with a vengeance. His sister did too. I was over at their family's home one day, and their dad propped his un-socked feet up on the coffee table. They were absolutely horrible (it would have been nightmarish for you, I know, so I'll spare you the details). Anyhow, I solved the mystery of why they hated feet.

Nora said...

OK, I might have to try the nail oil as well. Thanks for the suggestion.