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Friday, June 17, 2011

Portugal Pictures

Today is my mom's birthday, so I'd like to wish her a happy birthday and post a few pics from our recent vacation.  She hates pictures of herself, saying that she is fat and old.  I think she looks great- not to mention that she is 65 today and has not one wrinkle!  Isn't she cute?
Swimming is paying off, and the scale is moving in the correct direction.  I doubt I will swim in NJ next week (I don't have a gym membership there anymore) but am glad that I didn't wait any longer to get back into the pool.  A few months ago I attempted a flip turn while swimming freestyle.  I couldn't flip fast enough and got very dizzy.  It was a disaster.  I tried the same turn yesterday and was successful!  It isn't the prettiest flip turn yet, but it will take some practice for me to have a more fluid motion.  Having a lot less stomach getting in my way will make improving much easier:)  I completed 2000m yesterday and will try to make it up to 2400m today.  My left calf starts cramping when I near 2000m, so it will just depend on how my leg feels. 
K and I are going to the Royal Ascot tomorrow with another expat couple.  Consider it the English version of the Kentucky Derby.  I was in Monte Carlo for it last year and am excited to be attending tomorrow.  Everyone dresses properly, and the women wear outrageous hats.  I am pure American and am not part of the hat culture (except for when I am at the beach, of course).  Anyway, I bought a fantastic hat for tomorrow.  It is large and yellow, and it has a yellow and blue ribbon with blue feathers in the front.  It is probably on the conservative side for English standards... I will know more tomorrow.  K is less than thrilled to be in attendance.  When I mentioned that we should go, he was pouty and said something along the lines of, "well, watching horses race is certainly not my idea of a fun Saturday".  I gently, errr... less than gently... reminded him that I have attended the US Open with him (in the MUD), am attending the British Open with him next month and have even flown to Scotland to golf with him, so he can suck it up and deal.  And deal he will!  I hope we will have some good pics to post:)
Off to the pool!


Amanda said...

Yay on the flip turns! I am inspired and I am going swimming next week! Wonder if I can do a 100 butterfly..(my event in college) me thinks not!

So just to catch up, are you married to a Brit? I see you are living in London. I am married to a Yorkshire boy and living in NC!

Nora said...

Hi Amanda. The hub is American. He was offered the position in London 2 weeks after returning from our HONEYMOON in 2009! We finally landed here on November 1, 2009. Do you and your husband ever make it to London?

Stephanie said...

Nice pictures and good for you in putting your foot down. Men can be brain dead sometimes!!

Amanda said...

We don on occasion! Normally to see a band while we are home visiting family. But you know how it is when visiting fam. Time gets away from you quick! We are going for two weeks around Christmas and I am trying to meet up with you know her? Maybe we can all meet up.

Amanda said...

Alison I mean!

Nora said...

I have read Alison's blog a few times, but we haven't been in touch other than that. I know I will be back in the states during Christmas, but let me know when you will be here. If I am still in town I'd love to get together:)

Bandita Senorita said...

The Royal Ascot sounds exciting! And awesome on the flip turns!